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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Fresh-Bait is a totally new concept, says German company Fritz-Germany. It allows the angler to customise a soft lure to his preferences. “The range comprises of three lure moulds and a very unique jig head. The user places an amount of our gel mixture in a beaker and mixes it with warm water to get the liquid gel. They can then add colourings and glitter to the mixture to achieve the desired effect. The gel mixture is then injected using a syringe into the closed mould, which houses our jig head and our strengthening thread. The finished mould is left for 15 minutes in the refrigerator or 30 minutes at room temperature before being opened to reveal the soft gel-lure.”

Adds Fritz-Germany: “Our jig head is designed with function in mind. The characteristic skeleton body provides a great surface for the gel mixture to bind, whilst helping to create a stunning looking lure. Like all our products, the jig head is also environmentally friendly. The metal we use is zinc, a great alternative to lead. The jig head fits perfectly in our moulds and the user can also use standard jig heads to change the weight of the lure.”

The first in the Fresh-Bait range is the FB 001 which is something completely different to anything else on the market thanks to its four legs. The two outside legs can be cut off to create a perfect lure for vertical fishing. The second lure is the FB 002 which has a series of indents along its side which cause the lure to wobble through the water. The FB 002 comes in three different sizes all within one mould. The final mould in the range is the FB 003 which has three different-sized crayfish. The crayfish lures are perfect for a drop shot rig for perch and zander.

Fritz-Germany explains: “Fresh-Bait lures are completely natural and the main ingredient is water. This means the soft part of our lures will dissolve completely if they become snagged up, leaving one less piece of toxic plastic in our waters.

“The user can customise his lure to the environment he is fishing quickly and easily, meaning he is not limited to what he has in his lure box. With the help of a thermos to transport warm water, he can even make fresh lures on the bank as and when they are needed.

“Any damage to conventional soft lures usually means you have to throw the lure away. With Fresh-Bait you can re-use any damaged lures by simply putting the gelatine in a microwave for a few seconds. When it has melted down you can re-inject the liquid into the moulds so there is rarely any wastage!

“Fresh-Bait lures are the most innovative thing to happen to predator fishing in recent times. They are totally different to anything else on the market and have so many unique advantages over conventional soft lures. The system provides a new way for the angler to approach his fishing. There is no better feeling than catching a fish on something you have designed yourself.”

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