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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Fin-Nor has positioned its 2-Speed Marquesa reels on the leading edge of smaller, more powerful and highly versatile saltwater multiplier reels.

Says Fin-Nor: “These fully machined and anodized reels have the smoothness and refinement of a fine watch but the strength and stopping power of offshore big game reels. The two speeds, 6.1:1 and 3.1:1, provide the versatility for any saltwater application.

“Marquesa starts with the basic design philosophy that Fin-Nor puts into Santiago big game reels. Specifically that means a fully-machined one piece frame for strength, a fully-machined gear side to accommodate oversize stainless gears, our proven “push to shift/twist to release” 2-Speed shifting mechanism and the same advanced carbon fibre drags as in our big game reels.

“These features give Marquesa it’s toughness and ability to handle big fish. The reels still free spool at 25 lbs of Strike drag and can be set up to achieve 45 lbs. of drag at Full. The infinite anti-reverse provides instant hooksets, while the double dog ratchets take the heavy load of a big fish. And yet the Marquesa 2-Speeds are also lightweight and fast.

“Weighing approximately 800 grams, they are comfortable for stand up fishing, with an internal set of casting brakes for true castability. The 20 and 30 size reels hold 300 meters of 20lbs. or 30lbs. monofilament respectively. When loaded with line, the 6:1 high-speed gearing provides an amazing 1.3 meters of line retrieve per handle turn. This is up to 20% faster than competitive reels due to Marquesa’s taller, narrower spool design. When retrieving a deep jig or ripping a fast bait that extra speed is welcome!

“The Marquesa 2-Speeds are also highly refined. The handsome silver and gold finish is fully anodized. We take the extra time and expense to machine ergonomic curves into the reels so they feel good in the hand. The spool tension knob has a clicker to help hold the tension you set even after hours of offshore engine vibration. The experienced eye will appreciate the attention to detail.”

Best new multiplier reel - Winner 2011

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