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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Dragon Fishmaker offers a new definition of a spinning reel, says its maker. Dragon promises a 20% wider spool, 30% longer casts and 100% larger drag washers.

Says Dragon: “The new series of Dragon Fishmaker reels has been created from a specifically designed project. The aim of the members of Team Dragon was simple: to create the perfect spinning reel.

“We wanted to create a reel which could meet all our needs and match our imaginations; a reel that until now was simply not available in the angling market.

“The fundamental objective was to build a reel with as big a spool diameter as possible, with a relatively small but very strong and durable body. We wanted to design a reel with relatively high line retrieve but at the same time low gear ratio, which is what we believe always improves the durability of the entire construction.”

The Fishmaker is indeed characterised by an exceptionally large spool diameter while the depth of the spool is very small yet still capable of offering normal line capacity. The main advantage is significant improvement in casting distances, as well as perfect line lay and the ability to use significantly bigger drag washers, which in turn improves braking precision.

A large spool can also reduce the gear ratio, which in turn improves comfort when fishing. Adds Dragon: “We only used the highest quality materials when making the Fishmakers, including bearings. Their owners can fish in total confidence and in total comfort.”


  • Body and rotor made of brand new graphite composite, which is extremely stiff and durable
  • Two duraluminum V-type spools with different line capacity and different design
  • Spool edge TiN coated
  • Worm-shaft spool oscillation
  • High Efficiency Gear
  • Low gear ratio 4.4:1
  • Six to ten Japanese hi-quality ball bearings
  • Infinitive Anti-Reverse needle bearing (one-way clutch)
  • Machine-cut handle
  • Tubular bail wire with hardened surface
  • Titanium anti-tangling line roller
  • Multi-layer drag with increased drag washers surface
  • Super Balance System

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