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EFTTEX Awards 2012 - Best New Multiplier Reel

DAM Quick Calyber Pro Baitcast

DAM says that this modern high-end reel features engineering at its best – a ‘cocktail’ of the latest in fishing reel technology, top notch materials and smart innovation.

The main feature of the reel is the Smart Cast System that is an anti-backlash device that actually works and makes fishing a baitcast reel no longer a bit of a challenge, adds DAM.

The magnetic breaking system slows down the turning spool after casting; the patented anti-backlash slows down the spool additionally by applying the right amount of pressure at the beginning as well as the end of the cast through three ‘red shoes’ that are designed to move inward towards the spool shaft to slow it down.

The Power Lock Anti-Reverse System totally eliminates the backwards handle play so that the angler has the complete control that is vital for stop-and-go retrieves.

Technical highlights

10 sealed stainless steel ball bearings

One-piece Duraluminium frame with aerodynamic low-profile design

Smart Cast System that combines magnetic braking system with patented centrifugal system

Patented anti-backlash centrifugal braking system (NFBS)

No-play Power Lock Anti-Reverse system with two high-tech Japanese ball bearings

Super strong precision multi-drag system

Double anodised aircraft grade aluminium spool

Aggressive appearance thanks to the carbon outer layer and red anodised metal parts

Machine cut power handle with Japanese hard-EVA handle knobs

Duraluminium star drag and tension knob.