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EFTTEX Awards 2013 - Best New Fly Line

Cortland Precision SL Salmon/Steelhead Fly Line

Fly fishing for salmon and steelhead requires specialised, finely tuned tackle, which is exactly what Cortland is promising with the new Precision SL Salmon/Steelhead line. Combining a classic long-belly, weight-forward salmon taper with a specially formulated new coating to improve both overhead casting distance and line control, it is, says Cortland, a ‘salmon-and-steelhead-specific work of art’.

The long belly manages large indicators and skating flies with ease and facilitates precise line mending for ‘greased line’ presentations. With both front and rear welded loops, changing lines and leaders while out on the water is simple. And Cortland’s proprietary high-floating Dyna-Tip keeps the line high and dry when fishing bombers, skaters and hitched wetflies.