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EFTTEX Awards 2013 - Best New Terminal Tackle

Climax Wireless Carp Leader

Climax claims that its Wireless Carp Leader can have a positive effect on the fishing industry.

It explains: “They help preserve the environment, clearly improve on existing leaders and above all make fishing more efficient and sustainable. These non-toxic leaders outperform traditional leadcore in suppleness, abrasion resistance, camouflage and efficiency.

“Thanks to their high density, Climax Wireless Leaders are very heavy which means that there is no need for harmful lead. They do not contribute to the vast tons that are lost in European waters every year and the absence of toxic metal boosts suppleness.

“The camouflage pattern gives them outrageous fish catching powers – once sunk they stay hidden on the riverbed, almost like a snake waiting to strike its unsuspecting prey.”

It is available in 90cm, 120cm and 150cm lengths, all featuring a ring swivel and safety clip.