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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Climax SuperFineTip fly lines are designed for efficient nymph fishing. Says Climax: “The recent popularity of nymph fishing has given rise to various specialised techniques such as French, Czech or Spanish nymphing. What all these techniques have in common is the use of extra-long and fine leaders to perform an unhindered dead drift of your nymph and give maximum contact and the best possible strike detection.

“Our fly fishing specialists refused to accept that all you can do to improve the tackle is to tie an extra-long and fine leader and use a long, lightweight rod. So we put our heads together and thought about any little detail that could be improved on a nymph fly line. The result is Climax SFT SuperFineTips.”

Built on a lightweight fly line core, Climax SuperFineTip fly lines feature an extended five-metre front taper and ultra-fine tip section.And it is those first five metres that are the key.

Commonly used WF or DT lines with a standard front taper are comparatively heavy in their entire tip. This weight creates a belly hanging from the rod’s tip to where the leader dives into the water surface and induces drag, constrains the drift of the nymph and reduces contact.

Climax says: “On these relevant first five metres Climax SuperFineTip lines have up to 60% less weight than other fly lines and demonstrably create less belly, less drag and better contact, and so they fish much more effectively.”

Best new fly line - Winner 2011

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