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EFTTEX Awards 2017 - Best Hard Lure



The design of the Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow creates an eye-catching V-wake that will entice fish all over the world to blow up and bite.

The design makes it easy to fish and cast. Keeping the rod tip up with a medium retrieve will allow the bait to dance and move just beneath the water’s surface. A faster retrieve with the rod tip down will make the bait swim a few inches below the water’s surface.

The Jointed Wake Minnow can be used to fish for a multitude of fresh and saltwater fish. It comes in ten different colour options and the 3D high definition patterns give the bait a realistic look. This new high-energy bait comes equipped with heavy-duty hardware and black nickel hooks making it tough enough to handle big fish and durable enough to withstand saltwater.

PRICE: Up to €100