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EFTTEX Awards 2011 - Best New Metal Lure

Best New Metal Lure

Two of Russia’s pre-emiment metal lure manufacturers have targeted EFTTEX 2011 for exciting new launches.

The Seducer from Extreme Fishing features a compact body that allows anglers to quickly reach the desired depth. Removable marabou feathers make it versatile for all types of fishing. Meanwhile, Balancer from RB is a new generation metal lure designed to catch predators by vertical fishing in both the summer and winter seasons.

Spain-based Hart says its Metal Vib is ‘the best blade available in the market’. It adds that it delivers longer casts, it deepens faster and it has a wild swimming action that projects sparkling reflections. Northland says its Live-Forage Spinnerbait ‘swims just like a school of bait fish to drive bass and pike wild’; while the Rhino Black Cat Fireball Rig has been developed to present live fish baits in the most natural manner possible.