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Eco-Net launches first ever digital fishing popper

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The Eco-Popper is described as the world’s first ever digital fishing popper.
↑ Adiel Ron, co-founder of the Ecology Network (Eco-Net), maker of the Eco-Popper.

The Ecology Network (Eco-Net), a group of technology entrepreneurs with a passion for sport fishing, has introduced the world’s first digital fishing popper.

The Eco-Popper™ is equipped with a wide-angle, underwater camera at its rear end that provides real-time fish strike detection. The revolutionary product also has a series of additional sensors that capture all the aspects of the water environment surrounding the popper.

“With the iOS/Android app, the fisherman is armed with an exciting and powerful tool that can be used as a unique fishing tool,” says Eco-Net’s co-founder, Adiel Ron. “All captured video and data can be easily shared on our fisherman social network.”

As soon as it hits the water the popper automatically connects the angler to local wi-fi. It begins transmitting a live video stream capturing the view from the rear of the Popper. All video and sensor data is transmitted to the angler’s mobile device and processed by the app.

The angler is alerted to fish in the vicinity of the bait and can anticipate the strike.

Only data pre-approved by the user is shared with the community via the cloud, while the fisherman gains full access to relevant real-time data about his location.

The product has not yet been officially launched, but is currently being tested around the world by professional anglers. Eco-Net is also establishing a network of distributors and partners.

By launching the Eco-Popper, the company plans to leverage the power of the entire sports fishing community by the provision of critical information to the appropriate authorities. It plans to relay potentially harmful changes to the water environment by measuring and monitoring water quality.

The Eco-Popper 3D models will include Perch, Blue Strike, Red Head, Candy Strike, Golden Shiner, Fire Tiger, Frogger and Gray Storm.

Among EcoNet’s backers is Innovation Endeavours, a venture capital fund that helps entrepreneurs build lasting companies.




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