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Dyna-King launches built to last lifetime vice

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The new Ultimate Indexer from Dyna-King has been designed to last a lifetime.

Dyna-King, the US family-owned and operated manufacturer of fly tying vices and accessories, has introduced a new vice called the Ultimate Indexer.

Easy to use and extremely versatile, the vice is built to last a lifetime, says the Californian company. Most importantly, it can hold hook sizes 8 down to 22 tightly in its jaws. With a few simple adjustments the rotary function can be used with any style or size of hook.

A cam handle closes the jaws when in the up position and opens them when lowered. The vice is able to hold such a wide range of hooks because of various sized grooves in the jaws. The widest groove at the rear is for big hooks, the next smallest groove for medium sized hooks and the serrated section at the jaw tips for the smallest hooks.

When the cam handle is lowered the forcing cone can be turned counter clockwise to ease tension on the hook or clockwise to increase it. It is very important to lower the cam handle before making any forcing cone adjustments. It is also important not to over tighten the forcing cone as this may cause the jaws to lock when the cam handle is raised.

The ease with which the vice rotates can be adjusted by either loosening or tightening the friction screw on the back of the vice. There is also an indexing knob which, when tightened, allows the vice to be rotated to eight different indexing positions. Loosening the knob allows the vice to once again rotate freely.

The vice body is also completely adjustable and can be rotated, raised and lowered, which is critical for accurate rotary performance.

A unique bobbin mount allows the bobbin hanger to be moved into virtually any position imaginable. An innovative angle adjustment shaft allows the vice to be positioned either up or down to maximise tying and viewing options.

The Ultimate Indexer is available with a large clamp with an outrigger, or with a pedestal base.


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