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DSM Dyneema moves to ban ‘Chyneema’ brand

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DSM Dyneema has won a legal battle to prevent the name Chyneema being used.

DSM Dyneema, owner of the Dyneema brand, has succeeded in an action against a third party application for a Chyneema trademark.

Official trademark authorities in South Korea, Canada, USA and the EU have all upheld DSM Dyneema’s argument that the name is too similar to its own and have rejected the application.

The Netherlands company vigorously defended its IP position on the basis that the Chyneema name could create confusion among end users buying products that did not have the quality and performance they had been led to expect.

Such confusion could have a negative impact on the reputation of the Dyneema brand, it contested.

“We have an extremely strong commitment to our customers and licensees, as well as to the end users in the various market segments we serve,” said Nathali Donatz, Director Branding and Communications at DSM Dyneema.

“As a consequence, we are determined to act to prevent producers from entering the market with products that create the erroneous impression that they are related to the Dyneema brand.”

And Ms Donatz fired a warning shot across the bows of would-be transgressors when adding: “We have worked hard and made significant investments to achieve our strong position and reputation. Potential infringers should note that DSM Dyneema takes protection of its brand seriously. Misuse or attempts to confuse will be addressed.”

DSM Dyneema introduced a licensing agreement in 2011 to more strictly control the use of its products by fishing line manufacturers. The Dyneema Brand Licensing Programme established that the Dyneema trademark can only be used under licence by authorised companies.

No manufacturer can claim to use DSM Dyneema ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material or the Dyneema trademark without an official and explicit licensing agreement.

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