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Dr. Slick adds colour to its collection of fly fishing tools

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The Dr. Slick All-Purpose Scissors are said to be ideal for all types of natural and synthetic materials.
↑ The XBC Mitten Scissor Clamp is a versatile tool that comes with a a full-swivel coiled bungee lanyard.
↑ The XBC Nippers from Dr. Slick have been designed for snipping tippet tag ends, clipping off flies, cutting leader material and cleaning hook eyes.

The Extremely Bright Colours or XBC series of fly fishing and fly tying tools from Dr. Slick now allow anglers to express themselves and personalise a fly-tying bench, vest, pack or bag.

Dr. Slick XBC tools are available in eight electric powder coated colours: blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, black and white. All XBC scissors and clamps are made from high quality 410 Japanese Stainless steel.

Tools available in XBC colours are:

  • Standard five-inch clamps (hemostats): straight jaw half smooth and half striated. For all streamside tasks, hook removal, barb crushing and adding split shot. There is a hook-eye cleaning pin in the clamp’s shank.
  • All-Purpose Scissors: Four-inch straight serrated blade. Designed for tying all sizes of natural or synthetic flies;.
  • Scissor Clamp: Five-inch straight jaw; half smooth and half cross hatch jaw structure. A versatile clamp with serrated scissors for cutting tippet and leader material or trimming flies. It also has a straight edge screwdriver for streamside reel repairs plus a hook-cleaning pin in the shark.
  • Mitten Scissor Clamp: Five-inch straight jaw; half smooth and half cross hatch jaw structure. There are no finger loops – simply squeeze the clamp all the way through to the ratchets. This tool features serrated scissors for all the usual functions. Dual self-opening springs plus a hook-cleaning pin in the jaws.
  • Nippers: Probably the most ubiquitous fly-fishing tool in the sport, hanging from every vest or pack. These two-inch nippers made from 400 Japanese stainless steel have colourful textured rubber grips with an internal hook eye cleaning pin. Includes beaded chain.

The XBC series of brightly coloured tools brings to 350 the number of fly fishing or fly tying products in assorted sizes offered by the Montana-based company.


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