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Cortland launches new fly lines at ICAST

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The new Precision Compact Switch Fly Line from Cortland features a shorter head and oversized tip.
↑ Available in Heron Blue, the Cortland Precision Compact Switch Fly Line.
↑ Cortland's Liquid Crystal™ is now available in Sky Blue following demands for a PE+ line that is easier to see.

The Cortland Line Company continued its rehabilitation at ICAST this year with a string of new launches.

Among the products showcased in Las Vegas by the company, which was taken over by a private investment group just over a year ago, was an all-new Precision Compact Switch Fly Line which features a shorter head and an over-sized tip.

The supple lime-coloured head is backed by an ivory running line made in Cortland’s harder, stiffer PST-coating for optimum loop control and shooting.

It is said to excel at Skagit-style long-range casts and will throw bulky flies and aggressive sinking heads long distances with minimal effort.

Available in WF 4-8 F, the 4-6 weights have 25ft heads and the 7-8 weights 28ft heads. Each line is 10ft in overall length and retails at $75.

Also new from Cortland is the Precision Finesse Trout Floating Fly Line. Said to be a ‘revolutionary’ new finesse line for fishing small flies at greater distance in complex currents, it is the combined result of the company’s 99-years of experience in braiding, coating and designing fly line.

It features an extra-fine diameter front taper and Micro-Tip front loop for the ‘utmost’ in finesse presentations. The unique coating floats higher than traditional lines so the result is a fast-casting, highly accurate line that lands gently, floats higher, is less subject to drag and mends with a flick of the wrist.

It is available in WF 2-6 F in a new Heron Blue colour and measures 90ft in length. Retail price is $75.

Cortland also showed off its Liquid Crystal™ floating fly lines which are now available in Sky Blue for anglers and guides who asked for a PE+ line that is easier to see.

Made with the same polyethylene PE+ coating as the clear Liquid Crystal, the new line is extruded over a blue-tinted monofilament core so it fades from a strong blue colour in the centre to a light blue tint on the outer edges.

This makes it easier to see, says Cortland, while providing a subtle, blurry profile when viewed by a fish from below the surface of the water.

“We believe the new Sky Blue Liquid Crystal is the perfect compromise between a line that’s almost invisible to the fish, but easily seen by anglers,” said Randi Swisher, Cortland Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It will be especially useful when fishing over turtle grass or whenever there’s a chop on the water and it’s really tough to locate your fly.”

All Liquid Crystal fly lines feature a hard PE+ coating with an exceptionally low coefficient of its friction so they shoot faster and farther than any conventional PVC floating line ever made, adds Cortland. “The coating is permanently fused to the monofilament cores so there is no line stretch – the result is unequalled strike detection and instant hook sets.”

It comes in a flats taper for bonefish and permit (WF 6-9 F) and a tarpon taper (WF 10-12 F), each profiled for quick shots and accurate presentations.

Dual fused loops make changing rigs fast and easy. It measures 90ft and retails at $80.


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