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CERAMAXx Super Cutters offer generous margins

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The new Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters come with a free RIGRAP.
↑ RIGRAP says that its Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters offer dealers and distributors 'very generous' margins.

RIGRAP says that it has solved the problem of cutting braid with the introduction of its new Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters.

Ceramic has been known for its ability to hold an edge many times longer than the best steel and for its cutting ability. The problem in the past has been its cost. However, RIGRAP says it has found a way to deliver a great product at a price anglers can afford and which delivers very generous margins for dealers and distributors.

“We have succeeded in our objective of not only providing a high quality, great functioning tool, but also promoting our line of tangle-free storage products while delivering a highly profitable item all levels of distribution will enjoy,” said RIGRAP’s Glen Oberacker.

“I was amazed when I first tried out the new CERAMAXx cutters. They are super durable, lightweight, won’t rust and hold their edge after hundreds of cuts,” said 2014 Bassmaster Classic winner, Randy Howell. “The best part is that they cut through braided line like a hot knife through butter. There’s not an angler out there who uses braided line who will not be impressed by this great tool. I am very excited to be associated with such a great and effective tool and look forward to showing off just how shockingly well these cutters work every chance I get.”

The new Randy Howell Signature Series CERAMAXx Super Cutters have been tested and shown to cut braided line up to 250#s and mono and fluorocarbon up to 150#s with ease. Packaged with a free RIGRAP, the MSRP has been set at $19.99 (US) and are available in a counter top display of 12 units or in a pre-packed sidekick PDQ of 36 units.

Dealers and distributors placing orders in early February will be scheduled for delivery in mid spring. Orders can be made through RIGRAP or its official distributors.


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