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Browning Xitan Z12 Evolution reinvents the pole for 2012

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Browning Xitan Z12 Evolution - Fishing Poles The Browning Xitan Z12 Evolution pole: innovative engineering.
Browning Xitan Z9 Evolution - Fishing Poles ↑ The popular Z9 will be continued in 2012.

Browning says it has ‘re-invented’ the pole in time for the 2012 season with the launch of the Xitan Z12 Evolution, which improves on its popular Xitan Z9 pole, itself recognised as one of the best all-rounders on the market.

“The Z12 represents the most radical development in pole technology in years,” says Browning. Apart from improvements in materials, pole design has changed very little in the last 100 years. We were determined to drag pole design into the 21st century. So last year we started with a blank sheet of paper and set out the specification for a new generation of poles that solved all the limitations and irritations of traditional pole designs.

“The result is the new Xitan Z12 Evolution – the first of a new style of high performance, professional level competition poles designed by Browning for modern fishing.”

The secret, says Browning, lies in the engineering. The Z12 Evolution uses the same nano-carbon technology as the Xitan Z9 “so strength is assured”. But Browning has re-engineered the section lengths to optimise the pole’s stiffness.

The Z12 is ultra-stiff when striking or fishing in sidewinds but has been designed to have some ‘action’ in the lower sections when under extreme load to absorb the pressure from hard-fighting fish and over-enthusiastic strikes.

It boasts a number of innovative features, adds Browning. “From pre-bushed topkits – all the same length regardless of the elastic diameter – to a unique pole protection system… the pole has been re-invented.”

The Z12 will be available from December 2011 and features in the Browning section of the Zebco Europe catalogue as part of an enlarged Xitan ‘Z Power’ range. It will be price positioned above the Z9, which Browning will be continuing for 2012.

“The Z9 is one of the best selling top-end poles on the market today due to its unmatched performance and incredible value,” says Browning. “The pole has built a well deserved reputation as the perfect all-round pole.

“It is very stiff, strong and light and is the perfect choice for the angler who takes the sport seriously.”

The new Zebco Europe catalogue, which includes more than 6,500 products from Browning, Fin-Nor, Quantum, Rhino, Black Cat, Van Staal and Zebco, can be viewed online here


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