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Brosdahl teams up with Frabill to fashion Bro Series

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The Bro Series runs smoothly on 5+1 ball bearings and is smothered with Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® lubricant, a must when fishing in freezing temperatures, says the company.
↑ Frabill's ice fishing expert, Brian 'Bro' Brosdahl, teamed up with the company's engineering team to design a new series of spinning reels.
↑ Frabill's new Bro Series of spinning reels are capable of handling the biggest predators lurking under the ice.

Frabill ice-fishing expert, Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl, has collaborated with the US manufacturer’s engineering team to fashion a new series of spinning reels.

The Bro Series runs smoothly on a 5+1 ball bearing system and is smothered internally with Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® lubricant, a must when fishing in freezing conditions, says the company.

“The reel is incredible well machined,” said Brosdahl. “The line winds on smooth and straight, delivering a high-end performance at a great price.“

Frabill’s precision parts are also said to account for the reel’s fluid drag system. “The drag is silky smooth,” added Brosdahl. “And with fish on the run and sensitivity in your hands dulled by the cold, a reliable drag system makes all the difference.”

The front-loading drag operates on multi-discs interlaced with a machined aluminium spool, while the drag knob is tapered to eliminate line catch.

The reel handle has left/right ambidextrous capabilities and folds easily into a Frabill rod case. With infinite anti-reverse, it never clunks or free-spins backwards, giving anglers the upperhand on the hook-set.

It comes packaged with both deep and shallow arbor spools. The deeper carved spool better accommodates heavier line ( 6lb mono upwards), while the latter can be used with lighter line to service finesse fishing.

Bro Series Spinning Reel:

  • 5+1 ball bearings;
  • Includes shallow and deep arbor spool;
  • Deluxe quick fold handle;
  • Machined aluminium;
  • Infinite anti-reverse;
  • Multi-disc, front load drag;
  • Sub-Zero® lube for smooth operation in the coldest temperatures;
  • Tapered knob drag for reducing line catch;
  • Left/right ambidextrous handle.


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