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Berkley adds little brother to Havoc Devil Spear

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The little brother of the Berkley Havoc Devil Spear – the Devil Spear Jr.
↑ Mike Iaconelli:"The Devil Spear Jr is first bait I reach for when I need to downsize my tackle."

Top professional bass tournament angler, Mike Iaconell, has added a little brother to his fearsome Devil Spear.

Developed with the Berkley bait development team, the Havoc Devil Spear’s unique shape sent shockwaves throughout the US fishing community. Now Iaconelli has added a finesse version to the line-up – the Devil Spear Jr.

Reduced to a small 3½ inch frame, the Devil Spear Jr is designed for fish that resist biting. Persuading these fish to react is easier with the smaller spear-shaped tail and narrow body design, says Berkley.

The pro-designed bait also includes colours that have been specifically selected by Iaconelli for any on-the-water situation.

“The original Devil Spear is awesome when I have fish busting all around me,” said Iaconelli. “But, that is not always the case. When I need to downsize my tackle, the Devil Spear Jr is the first bait I reach for.

“Just like the first Devil Spear, anglers can rig this in many ways. Whether it is hooked down the side or the centre, it has all the functionality and bite-triggering action of its bigger brother.”

When rigged down the side of the bait, the Devil Spear Jr goes through the water by using a swimming motion. If the bait is rigged down the middle, an angler can expect more tail flap when going through thick cover.

The Devil Spear Jr comes in 20 colours – Alabama Craw, Bama Bug, Black, Black Neon, Black-Blue, Bold Bluegill, Cinnamon Brown Purple, Green-Pumpkin, Green-Pumpkin Blue Fleck, Green-Pumpkin Green and Purple, Junebug, Junebug Red Fleck, Methiolate, Pearl Blue Shad, Red Shad, Watermelon Green Orange Fleck, Watermelon Magic Red Glitter, Watermelon Pearl, Watermelon Red Fleck and White.


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