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VIDEO: VMC Hooks Tear Drop Jig

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The VMC Hooks Tear Drop Jig: Available in six Ultra Glow colours and two natural.
↑ ICE FORCE Pro Staffer Brad Hawthorne: "New VMC jigs going to be phenomenal for different approaches."

Ice anglers have a new battery of weapons this winter with a new selection of jigs and spoons from VMC.

They are forged from top quality materials and have been designed following input from ICE FORCE pros.

“I love the eye-catching, fish-catching colour combinations,” said ICE FORCE Pro-Staffer, Brad Hawthorne. “They are going to be phenomenal for different approaches – from clear water to stained and panfish to lake trout.

“The spoons come in a great assortment of sizes and deliver a wide flexibility for fishing six feet of water or 60 feet.”

Each new VMC jig features a 90-degree hook-eye to ensure optimal horizontal position, a perfect strike angle and VMC’s unique Power Gap, which increases hooking percentages.

“It gives me a better hookset because the fish really gets the hook in its mouth,” Hawthorne explains. “And it keeps it longer without shaking it out because it penetrates more.”

VMC’s Power Gap also allows for better bait presentation. Hawthorne adds: “Your bait is more free flowing. It is not limited to being stuck on a pinch between the shaft and the hook. It lets me add more waxies or go to a bigger minnow head.”

The jigs are available in six Ultra Glow colours and two natural. The Ultra Glow baits hold a charge for up to 15 minutes.

Among the new models available is the Tear Drop Jig.

This is for use when fishing livebait under a float, deadstick or tip up.

“The jig’s wide profile and teardrop shape mimics baitfish and other aquatic food,” said ICE FORCE Pro James Holst. “When predators are looking for a meal, but unwilling to chase a lively untethered shiner, flathead or chub, the VMC Tear Drop pins the bait in the strike zone.”

It comes in three sizes – 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz and ¼ oz.

• Don’t miss more videos featuring the new VMC jigs – coming soon.



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