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Bagley Baits ingenuity results in Rattlin B

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Bagley Baits has taken a fresh look at lipless crankbaits and introduced the Rattlin B, pictured here in Brown Crawdad.
↑ The new Rattlin B lipless crankbait from Bagley Baits comes in seven colour patterns, including Chrome Gold (pictured).
↑ All the new Rattlin B lures from Bagley Baits, including the Chrome Silver (pictured), measure 2.75 inches long and weigh half an ounce.

US lure producer, Bagley Bait, decided it was about time someone took a fresh look at lipless crankbait fishing and used a little ingenuity to meet today’s fishing environments. And that ‘someone’, they decided, should be them.

The result? The Rattlin B, a lure designed by Jarmo Rapala and built to run with high vibration and a loud, resonating rattle.

The new lure can be cast, trolled or jigged and is a true multi-species bait, says the Golden Valley, Minnesota, company.

There are two models. The Rattlin B Plus is designed for mid-range species and recommended for deep water jigging. The Rattlin B Minus is balanced to swim shallower than any other lipless crawbait and, according to Bagley, is perfect for fishing over grass or shallow structure.

Both models are 2.75inches long and weigh half an ounce. Each offers a choice of seven colour patterns.


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