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Award-winning fly line maker hails ‘momentous’ launch

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RIO Products has described the launch of its new SlickCast fly line this week as ‘momentous’.

A new fly line launch described by the maker as ‘momentous’ is now available at retailers.

SlickCast is made by US brand RIO Products and features a coating technology the company is confident will set new standards in slickness and durability.

“Today is a momentous day for us at RIO,” said Brand Manager Simon Gawesworth. “This is the day we will look back on as the day that fly line technology changed, the day that a new standard in fly line coatings was released to the world.

“We have done numerous laboratory tests on our SlickCast coating, as well as everything else we could lay our hands on, and those tests conclusively show that lines built with SlickCast have the slickest, most durable coating on the market – producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line.

“Until people have tried these new lines they have no idea how good they are and how ahead they are of anything that is, or ever was, on the market. Lines built with SlickCast will outcast and outlast everything we have tested – and by a long way.”

The multi award-winning Washington State company insists that as well as being the most sophisticated, radically advanced fly line coating ever made, SlickCast is 33% more resistant to cracking and in excess of 140% more resistant to abrasion than the next toughest fly line on the market.

But delayed by the current COVID-19 situation, the launch of the eight-line SlickCast series has been a long time coming and the RIO team has been deprived the opportunity of introducing it to distributors and retailers at the world’s big trade shows.

“The frustration of knowing that we had such a fantastic new product yet were not able to launch it until now has chaffed the entire team,” added Gawesworth. “But today that changes – we are ready to let the hounds run amok.”

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