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Arribe 1200 Lever Drag ‘ushers in new class of tackle’

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The Arribe 1200 Lever Drag incorporates all of the key characteristics serious anglers are looking for in a saltwater reel, says the manufacturer.

Arribe Fishing believes that its 1200 Lever Drag ushers in a new class of tackle – the “Performance Reel.”

The Californian company asserts that while top-of-the-line models from other manufacturers deliver in some areas but not in others, the 1200 incorporates all of the key characteristics serious anglers are looking for in a saltwater reel.

According to Arribe Fishing’s CTO, Danny Uribe, the 1200 integrates an ultra-smooth, consistent drag, a superior anti-reverse, outstanding castability and extremely tight tolerances into one seamless, durable system.

Uribe says the inspiration to design and build the reel came from a general lack of advancement and innovation in the tackle industry. “It seemed to me that most manufacturers were more interested in cutting corners, saving money and maximising production than creating a truly superior product. So I set out to make a reel that wouldn’t just meet the expectations of experienced saltwater anglers, it would exceed them.

“Drawing from the quality and technology that goes into the making of Formula 1 race cars, NASA spacecraft and the most advanced naval warships, my goal was to create a reel capable of dramatically improving the overall fishing experience.”

Materials used in the construction of Arribe’s 1200 are either inherently non-corrosive or protected with a corrosion-resistant coating. The reel’s rugged frame, made from heat-treated billet aluminum and secured with titanium screws into stainless steel helicoil inserts, is built to withstand extreme torque and protect the inner workings of the reel. Despite its beefy construction, the 1200 weighs just 17 ounces.

Housed within the frame, nine precision SKF ball bearings ensure smooth operation and long, trouble-free casts. For fish-fighting power, the 1200 is equipped with an IsoDrive™ Gear System comprising oversized, heat-treated aluminum gears, each one featuring a coating that reportedly makes the surface as hard as diamonds. Arribe quantifies ‘oversized’ as having contact surfaces at least a third larger than those of reels in the same category.

In addition to providing power, the reel’s precision gearing has a 6:1 ratio that retrieve’s 42 inches of line with every crank.

A smooth, constant drag pressure is designed to handle the sustained runs of tuna, billfish, wahoo, king mackerel, tarpon and other hard-fighting saltwater game fish. The patent-pending ProTactive™ Drag System uses carbon fibre materials against polished titanium plates. “The system’s smooth mating surface dissipates heat to provide reliable, consistent drag at all times and prevent any sudden pressure changes that can result in a lost fish,” adds Uribe.

Arribe has also equipped the 1200 with a fail-safe IAR (Instant Anti-Reverse) system for positive drive gear performance. Dual SKF anti-reverse bearings help manage the interaction of the reel’s moving parts, assuring reliable operation and virtually eliminating handle play.

The new Arribe 1200 Lever Drag reel retails for $779 (including shipping/handling within the U.S.) and has a five-year limited warranty.


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