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Aqua-Vu® expands popular line of hand-held underwater cameras

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US Electronics manufacturer, Aqua-Vu, has added the Micro™ 5 PLUS to its portfolio of hand-held underwater cameras.
↑ Pro angler, Tommy Skarlis, has enjoyed tournament success with the new Aqua-Vu Micro™ 5 PLUS.

Aqua-Vu® has released the Micro™ 5 PLUS, a powerful, portable and affordable viewing system that is said to find the fish you want to catch.

Complete with a vibrant 5-inch colour LCD and a patented high-resolution Micro camera, the Micro 5 PLUS delivers a crystal clear one million pixels of underwater real estate — live and in rich, realistic colour.

The new tablet-sized viewing system also sports 100 feet of high-strength optical cable and both a viewing fin for slow trolling or drifting and a separate camera clip for use while ice fishing.

Activating the new Micro 5 PLUS is as simple as flipping open the LCD cover/sunshield, which auto powers the unit both on and off. Touch-key operation and intuitive on-screen menus guide the user through screen adjustments and basic functions such as 3X Zoom, sleep mode and infrared lighting.

Built for use in a wide range of conditions and air temperatures down to at least -20 F, it also features an IP67-rated waterproof LCD case. Fitted with a small, yet powerful, internal lithium-ion battery, the unit runs up to seven continuous hours on a single charge. A battery charger is also included, as is an RCA video-out cable for displaying underwater video on larger TVs and video-in equipped sonar units.

While pre-fishing a recent National Walleye Tour event, pro angler Tommy Skarlis used an Aqua-Vu Micro camera to positively identify walleyes on a spot that ultimately yielded a second-place fish. “The Micro is an awesome tool for verifying or disproving what I’m seeing on sonar,” said Skarlis.

“During practice, I could drop the camera and determine the species, size and position of the fish — and see the exact habitat or forage that was attracting them. The Micro gave me needed confidence to stay on a spot and work it so I could extract precious bites and earn a nice big cheque.”

Skarlis added: “By using the RCA video cable included with the Micro, and a little two-dollar BNC video adaptor, I can display a live video feed right on my big screen sonar unit. The colour, resolution and daylight viewing is incredible. It’s also huge for instantly comparing sonar signals with Aqua-Vu video and dropping GPS digits on the sweet spots.”

Beyond enjoyment, education and ease-of-use, the new Micro 5 PLUS offers extras such as a USB port for connecting to computers, tablets and other devices. Another Aqua-Vu exclusive, a 3X Digital Zoom feature, allows for examining fish and cover up close. Further, integrated adjustable IR lighting illuminates deep and dark water.

As an bonus, purchase of a Micro 5 PLUS or any Micro Series Underwater Viewing System qualifies buyers – from October 1, 2015 through to January 15, 2016—to receive a free Pro-Vu Custom Softcase and a 12v Auxiliary Battery Charger/Car Adaptor ($60 value).


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