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American Tackle to launch fishing lines at China Fish

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The award winning team at American Tackle. Dan Paluch (left) is spearheading the company’s line launch.

American Tackle, the company that developed the triple award winning MicroWave Guide system, is set to stun China Fish with a brand new sku.

Inspired by Dan Paluch, the man who brought Power Pro to Europe, the US company is set to launch two braided lines and a fluorocarbon in Beijing.

Joe Meehan, President of American Tackle, told Angling International: “Dan has 13 years of connections in the line industry and he convinced us that there is a demand for a high performance braid and fluorocarbon that we could exploit.

”Dan educated us on a product we had very little expertise in. His background in lines makes him one of the most qualified experts in the field. It would be crazy not to take advantage of that sales knowledge and know-how. He was one of the pioneers in the early days in Europe with braid and brought Power Pro to the EU, Russia and beyond.

“A lot of our customers expressed interest in both line styles in the US, EU and Asia so we decided it was a good investment. It expands our product line and adds new avenues of distribution which allows us to grow our core business in new areas. It is a great way to move the brand to attract people we may never have been able to reach.”

By his own admission Meehan has high hopes for American Tackle’s sortie into the line market and even greater ambition. “We want to carve out a niche in the world with a product we believe can compete with the finest lines anywhere on the planet from the very start.

“This line has been fished by professionals who demand the highest quality lines that they can get. The test results were so impressive that we can state with confidence these lines will be some of the best on offer anywhere in the world.”

At China Fish American Tackle will be launching a low visibility Moss Green 8X and a high visibility 8X in Chartreuse in the 10lb to 65lb range. They boast ‘ultra’ low diameter, high breaking strength, zero stretch and a high-tech coating that makes them ‘the quietest’ fishing lines ever.

“They will have the perfect rigidity for both spinning and casting applications,” added Meehan.

Taking its place alongside the braids will be ‘one of the finest fluorocarbons in the world’, according to Meehan. “Many of our bass pros use fluoro exclusively for most of their applications. What is important to them is a small diameter, zero stretch, high breaking strength and limpness. Many said it was the finest fluoro they have ever fished.”

American Tackle will be offering its new lines to OEM accounts that want to promote their own brands. “We already have several customers ready to start their own fishing lines with their already established lines of distribution – it is all very exciting.”

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