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AFW named worldwide Triple Fish distributor

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Portuguese line and leader brand Triple Fish is to be distributed worldwide by American Fishing Wire.

American Fishing Wire (AFW) and Portuguese-based Filkemp S.A. have announced the worldwide relaunch and distribution of the original Triple Fish brand of lines and leaders.

Filkemp S.A, a global leader in monofilament and fluorocarbon production and technology, is the owner of the registered trademark Triple Fish and has appointed AFW exclusive distribution of the brand.

The move, which take effect at the beginning of June, reinforces the existing partnership between the two companies and will expand Triple Fish’s global market share.

“Today’s Triple Fish will deliver more performance and value by incorporating the latest extrusion technology and using advanced polymers,” said Jose Ingles, VP of Sales and Marketing for Filkemp S.A. “We have complete trust in AFW to handle the spooling, packaging, inventory and marketing out of its US factory just like it has done with the HI-SEAS brand since 2004.”

“We are excited to relaunch Triple Fish and to service many loyal customers who have had difficulty finding the product over the last year or so,” said Michael Shields, VP of Sales and Marketing at AFW. “Triple Fish is known for dependable lines and leaders at economical price points and we plan to build on this 54-year-old tradition by working closely with Filkemp S.A.”

“We will be offering European-made lines at razor-sharp price points that independent dealers will recognise immediately,” added Steve Miller, AFW Sales Director. “We are looking forward to giving stores and consumers more choices to shoulder our premium HI-SEAS brand of mono, fluorocarbon and braid.”


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