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VIDEO: BOOYAH Prank doesn’t fool around

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Watch the BOOYAH Prank in action in the video below.
↑ New BOOYAH pro staffer, Stetson Blaylock rates the Prank as one of the 'neatest' baits he has seen for a long time.

The BOOYAH Prank may look like your average top-water popper, but this new bait is much more.

In addition to the concave face associated with poppers, the Prank has a round lip that enables it to double as a shallow-running crankbait with a diving depth of around two feet.

Also unique to this intriguing ‘hybrid’ concept is the shallow divots in the rear of the bait that impart an underwater swimming action that has impressed the Elite anglers who have tested it.

“This is one of the neatest baits I have seen in long time,” said FLW angler, Stetson Blaylock. “People think a popping bait with a crank bait lip can’t work, but this bait really surprised me during all the testing we have done on it.

“It pops really well, but will also catch those skittish fish that maybe want something different than just the average popper. I like to throw it on the bank, pop it two or three times to get it off and if those fish are up there and want to get it on top then great. If not then you can crank it down.”

“I like to throw it on a short, soft action rod so I can make the bait walk and pop or, when the occasion demands, bring in that crank bait action. It’s a bait you are gonna’ want to add to your tackle box.”

The BOOYAH Prank is armed with a fin-like, feather-dressed rear treble and another treble positioned further forward under the body.


Tel: +1 800 531 1201

Web: www.booyahbaits.com

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