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Two new bass baits from Reaction Innovations

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The Man Bear Pig features Reaction Innovations’ signature forward-facing ribs.
↑ The Shiver Shot from Reaction Innovations is a finesse bait with a high degree of detail in its realistic body shape and fins.

Reaction innovations, the US soft plastics company, has two new bass baits on the market – the Shiver Shot and the Man Bear Pig.

The Shiver Shot, a finesse bait with a high degree of detail in its realistic body shape and fins, is designed primarily for the dropshot technique and, says the company, provides a new presentation that fish have not seen before.

The forked tail needs little rod movement or current to bring it to life and has a thin ridge in the centre which acts like a rudder to help it track correctly.

The Shiver Shot is also recommended for a vibrating jig, scrounger jig or spinnerbait. It is 3.65 inches long and comes in a wide choice of custom colours.

The Man Bear Pig is notable for more than just its name. The creature bait, inspired by the original Sweet Beaver, is made from a blend of flexible and tough plastic impregnated with salt, providing a taste that makes bass hold on longer, says the manufacturer.

It features Reaction Innovations’ signature forward-facing ribs, designed to create pressure waves through the water to alert bass in the strike zone. The thin upper legs, a long pair further down the body and two ribbon tails create different actions designed to resemble a wide range of bass forage species.

Ideal for flipping, the body of the lure will take a large, straight-shank flipping hook. It will also perform well as a jig trailer, on a Carolina rig and on a shaky head rig.

The Man Bear Pig is five inches long and is available in a wide range of custom colours.


Tel: +1 205 620 2034


Web: www.reactioninnovations.com

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