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Rippin Lips to launch ‘legendary’ Bootleg potion

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The new Sweet & Sticky dip bait from Rippin Lips that is being launched at ICAST in Las Vegas.
↑ Bold & Bloody – one of two new Bootleg dip baits from Rippin Lips.
↑ Rippin Lips pro staffer, John Jamison: "Bootleg often outfishes any other bait out there."

US-based catfish bait manufacturer, Rippin Lips, has released what it describes as a ‘soon to be legendary’ potion.

Named Bootleg, it has been formulated with a blend of carefully chosen cheeses and other catfish-craving ingredients to produce a thick, extra sticky dip bait that sticks to hooks like a glob of glue.

“In all my years of catfishing,” says legendary angler and Rippin Lips pro-staffer, John Jamison, “I’ve tried nearly every dip there is and there are some decent products out there.

“But Bootleg is just a little different – it’s super sticky yet really easy to work with. It clings to dip worms and tubes better than other baits. However, you will still have to re-dip it often because channel cats and blues eat up this stuff pretty fast.”

Following countless trials on assorted batches, Rippin Lips has landed on two distinctive blends – Sweet & Sticky and Bold & Bloody.

“Old Sweet & Sticky is a great all-purpose dip,” adds Jamison. “You can fish it in lakes or rivers. It is especially good in a heavy current. Just dip your tube or worm into the jar with a stick and push it down the bait. Make sure the lure is well coated with Bootleg so it continues giving off a powerful scent trail and it won’t take long before the cats in the area find it and gobble it up.”

Jamison adds that the Bold & Bloody excels in the spring, late summer and early fall. “To brew it we have added an ingredient catfish absolutely drool over – real livestock blood. It is also loaded with Bootleg’s secret cheese plus an extra kick of amino acids which can also be an awesome bite inducer.”

Packaged in 15oz jars, Bootleg uses heat-gathering black lids that keep bait soft and workable in cooler conditions. Jamison says that in hotter weather, he prefers to stow jars in a cooler to maintain its optimal consistency.

The dips are being launched at this year’s ICAST in Las Vegas.


Web: www.rippinlips.net


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