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Rig & Run Fly Rod Holder solves age-old problems

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The Rig & Run solves an age-old problem and allows anglers to transport rods without having to dismantle them.
↑ The Rig & Run Fly Rod Holder, is a new device that attaches to any vehicle by being rolled up in a window or closed in the top of a door.

Rig & Run believes it has the solution to the age-old problem of what to do with your fly rod while tackling up or making short trips to the next fishing location.

The answer, says the Colorado, US company, is the Rig & Run Fly Rod Holder, a new device that attaches to any vehicle by being rolled up in a window or closed in the top of a door.

The fly rod is held in a horizontal position, allowing the angler to thread the rod, attach leaders and tippets and tie on a fly without the rod or the line touching the ground.

In addition, the simple, but clever piece of gear eliminates the need to break down the rod to fit inside the vehicle, courtesy of a Magnetic Rod Strap that secures the rod tip while moving to another fishing spot. The handy strap also holds a rigged rod vertically to the side of the vehicle if need be.

The inexpensive Rig & Run Rod Holder rules out the potentially hazardous practice of standing the rod butt down on the ground where it can be damaged by gravel or get muddy and wet. Worst still, it might be stepped on or blown to the ground, making it an expensive fishing trip!

The patent-pending item is made in America from 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, with commercial grade hook and loop fasteners and foam padding. It is a product of Sweet Canoe Stuff, the creator of the Sweet one-person loader and rack system for canoes, kayaks and SUPs.


Tel: +1 303 915 7494


Web: www.sweetcanoestuff.com

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