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Raymarine Axiom software update: LightHouse 3.1 adds more spec

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Additional functionality is on offer following a software update on Raymarine’s Axiom.

Raymarine, one of the world’s top producers of marine electronics for the recreational fishing industry, has upgraded its LightHouse 3.1 operating software for the first time since the launch. The new Version 3.196 delivers ‘loads of increased functionality’.

Installing the new update is simple via wireless network or PC. Connect your Axiom to a wireless hotspot or wi-fi network and download the update. It’s as easy as updating your mobile phone. Dealers and end consumers can also download Lighthouse 3.1 via Raymarine’s website here.

The Lighthouse 3.1 update includes:

New 3D Sonar GPS Track Mode
This is the new default operating mode for RealVision 3D. The 3D image responds in real-time to inputs from its internal gyro-stabilisation, plus the GPS system. When you turn, you will see the 3D image turn as well. When you speed up, it matches your speed. When you stop, it stops. As you make multiple passes around the same area the 3D image continuously updates and gets larger. Adjacent passes are stitched together into a comprehensive view of the bottom, structure and water column. Fish and bait that were in one location on pass one are shown in their new location in pass two, three, four, etc. Depending on the depth where you are fishing, the system can display ten minutes – or more –  of prior history.  Deeper water gives you more time.

Sonar Scroll Back
You can now pause and rewind any sonar channel on the system. If you are looking at more than one sonar channel simultaneously, pausing one pauses them all and when rewound, they all rewind together. This lets you go back and take a second look, add waypoints, etc.

Historical Sonar Sensitivity
If you make adjustments to any of the sonar sensitivity settings, gain, filtering, etc, it not only applies to new data coming in, but also to all of that prior scroll-back history, too. For example, you might increase or decrease the surface filter or gain and suddenly see fish in your past history that were previously not visible.

3D Sonar Waypoint Placement
You can now touch anywhere on the 3D display and drop a waypoint. There is a mechanism there, too, that allows you to fine-tune that waypoint to get it right on the desired spot. Waypoint placement is pretty straightforward on a 2D screen. In 3D though, there is now a depth to the image that must be accounted for and this extra functionality takes care of it. When you drop a waypoint in 3D, you will see the image rotate around the axis of the waypoint pin about 60°. You can then drag the pin in or out as needed to place it precisely on the feature you want.

Wi-Fi connectivity to RayRemote and RayControl Apps for Apple and Android Devices
Axiom units can now be streamed and controlled remotely via tablet or phone.

New SideVision and DownVision Default Settings
Raymarine sonar engineers re-adjusted the default levels for target intensity and gain on SideVision and DownVision channels. These new settings offer increased clarity and definition without additional user adjustment.

Evolution Autopilot Control Interface
Lighthouse 3.1 also offers users a full control interface for Evolution Autopilot systems. It’s now possible to set up, calibrate and control the pilot entirely from Axiom. This is useful on boats with limited helm space (no room for our pilot controller), or boats with secondary control stations (like tuna towers, wing stations, etc)

Expanded Support for RMK-10 Wired Keypad
Another addition is expanded support for the Raymarine RMK-10 wired keypad. RMK-10 is essentially the same keypad that is built-into the new Axiom Pro, only as a separate item. If you combine one with Axiom, you get the same HybridTouch experience you would have with Axiom Pro. One of the benefits of the RMK-10 wired keypad is that you can install the keypad anywhere you want. For example, on a bass or walleye boat you might put it alongside your seat, near the throttles, where you can operate it without reaching to the Axiom unit. The RMK-10 can be set up to control a single display only, or a single RMK-10 can control more than one MFD on the same helm. This is great on boats with side-by-side dual units (or triples). If a boater or angler decides to purchase Axiom instead of Axiom PRO, they may be able to fit larger screens into a given space since there is no keypad adding extra width. RMK-10 provides full HybridTouch control with installation flexibility.

Tel: +1 603 324 7900
Web: www.raymarine.com

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