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WAKU expands STROFT GTM range

WAKU has expanded the range of its most successful STROFT fishing lines.

The STROFT GTM – previously available in 19 different diameters – can now be obtained in 40.

The lower diameter range (up to 0.30mm) is increased in increments of 0.01mm and the heavier is raised in 0.025 steps up to a diameter of 0.60mm.

However, the company adds that even more important than the diameter increments is the.. Read More

VIEW VIDEO HERE: Castalia Bombshell Turtle enticing bass

A video loop of the Castalia Bombshell Turtle lure is boosting sales in stores across the United States, says its maker. The Bombshell Turtle attracted much attention on Castalia’s booth at ICAST in July. Now that it has hit the shelves of small retailers in..

VIEW VIDEO HERE: Colour-changing Yo-Zuri Sashimi lures

The Lures Special Issue of Angling International will feature the most innovative lures for 2012 from around the world. Included amongst them is the Sashimi range from Yo-Zuri, claimed to be the only lures on the market that can change colour. After years of development, Yo-Zuri’s..

Williams and Mooselook: Brecks accelerates its search for distributors

The Lures Special of Angling International, available online here next week, will feature innovative lure brands from around the world. But there can be few fishing tackle companies with such a colourful and intriguing history as Williams, one of North America’s oldest lure brands. It was in..

Bait company Richworth drops the price of its boilies

As the season of goodwill approaches, UK bait company Richworth appears to have got into the spirit of things by reducing the price of its boilies. The Surrey-based manufacturer has announced that from January 1st all one kilogramme bags of its frozen and shelf-life baits will come down..

VIEW VIDEO HERE: Watch Mayfly weave its deadly spell

Northland Fishing Tackle has released a video of the IMPULSE™ Mayfly – part of its Reactionary Baits series of soft plastic baits. You can see the distinctive movement of the Mayfly as it mimics the larvae of a hatching mayfly. Northland claims that its new IMPULSE™ range..

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