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EAA warns anglers could be ‘stigmatised’ by Euro ministers

The European Anglers Alliance (EAA) has today warned the European Council of Ministers that it runs the risk of ‘stigmatising’ recreational angling in the eyes of the public.

The EAA also raises concerns that if the Council ‘has its way’ angling will be treated as a ‘nuisance’ amongst fisheries sectors – and strongly reminds fisheries ministers that angling has a seriously positive impact on fish stocks.

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Dragon upgrades Fishmaker II reels

Design Fishing has made improvements to its Fishmaker II reels which includes new shapes for its spool chamber and rotor. Two silicon parts on the inside of the rotor arms have also been introduced to prevent the line getting stuck under the spool. Other improvements include:

Moocher reel adds to Abel deep water arsenal

Anglers fishing coastal and Great Lakes areas for deep water gamefish can now have another weapon in their armoury in the shape of the Moocher reel from Californian company Abel. As its name suggests, the Moocher is designed specifically for ‘mooching’, a very slow trolling or drifting style..

Northland hails Impulse Tadpole for panfish

The Impulse Tadpole is the 'go to' lure for panfish, says manufacturer Northland Fishing Tackle. Inspired by the tadpoles that wiggle through the shallows every Spring, making them targets for hungry predators, Northland has produced the Impulse Tadpole to mimic the aquatic larval stage of the frog. “The Impulse..

Enterprise Tackle introduces Mini Mixer for 2013

Enterprise Tackle, the imitation bait company, has been successfully selling dog biscuit/mixer baits for years. But now the UK business has introduced a new, smaller and 'incredibly delicate' version for the Summer of 2013 called the Mini Mixer. Developed in close association with top anglers, including Frank Warwick..

Silver Tip Fly Company quickly building reputation

The Silver Tip Fly Company, founded in Alberta, Canada, just 18 months ago, specialises in the invention and supply of high quality materials for fly tying products. The growing business is the brainchild of Brent Onofrychuk, a lifelong fly angler who turned his passion into a business concern..

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