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Revamped Odin Lure Company back with new line-up

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The new floating Frigg .5oz Top-Water Walking Popper is available in five colours, including Blue Bird (top of picture) and Old Gold.
↑ The Frigg .5oz Top-Water Walking Poppers, pictured above in Silver Side (top) and Tiger Side, are armed with VMC trebles.

The Odin Lure Company, formerly known as the Ozzie Jig, has re-entered the fishing market with a name change, new and larger US-based manufacturing facilities and a revamped product line-up.

Backed by a new management team in Hudson, New Hampshire, the company will offer a variety of salt and freshwater fishing lures that will be sold exclusively online at www.odinlures.com.

One of the first baits off the production line is the floating Frigg .5oz Top-Water Walking Popper. Designed primarily for freshwater, it features a built-in rattle chamber and a patented baitwell that can be filled with its Fish Smack attractant.

It has a large cupped face to churn plenty of water and create a major surface disturbance that will attract bass and other species of fish. Odin says that with five hand-painted and signed lures to choose from – Blue Bird, Old Gold, Overcast, Silver Side and Tiger Side – there is one for every fish and fishing occasion.

Odin adds that the lure has been developed to be worked on the surface in the typical ‘Walk-the-Dog’ retrieve and its side-to-side motion mimics an injured prey, triggering the natural feeding instinct in other fish. ‘The lightness and buoyancy makes it easy to work when wagging from side-to-side or dancing on the retrieve.

“The irresistible Fish Smack coming out of the ‘laceration points’ and trailing the lure provides extra incentive to strike.”

Like all Odin products, the Frigg half-ounce lure is made in the USA and comes equipped with two VMC treble hooks that are securely attached with rustproof, stainless steel split rings.

All five are available at a suggested retail price of $19.95 (US). Freshwater Fish Smack is sold separately and comes in two flavours – Stormy Smelt and Rise-and-Shine – for $12.95 each.

This line of Odin lures is also available in a freshwater Frigg 0.75oz Sinking Lipless Jerkbait, saltwater Frigg 1.5oz Floating Top-Water Popper and a saltwater Frigg 2.5oz Sinking Top-Water Popper.

Tel: +1 603 718 1320
Web: www.odinlures.com

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