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Northland hails Impulse Tadpole for panfish

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The Impulse Tadpole is described by Northland pro-staffer, Marty Glorvigen as a ‘sure-fire fish catcher’.
↑ Packaged 10 to a bag, the Impulse Tadpole from Northland Fishing Tackle.

The Impulse Tadpole is the ‘go to’ lure for panfish, says manufacturer Northland Fishing Tackle.

Inspired by the tadpoles that wiggle through the shallows every Spring, making them targets for hungry predators, Northland has produced the Impulse Tadpole to mimic the aquatic larval stage of the frog.

“The Impulse Tadpole is a sure-fire fish catcher for virtually all species,” says Northland pro-staffer Marty Glorvigen. “It looks just like the early lifecycle of a frog before it grows legs. The front third is all true-to-life head and the tapering tail exhibits any action you place on it with movement of the rod tip.

“Rig it on a small jighead with the tail positioned vertically, just like a swimming tadpole. Every time you give it a twitch during a lift-drop retrieve it adds a little wiggle to the tail.

“For a different action, try rigging it with the tail placed horizontally. This set-up resists sinking, creating smooth swimming and gliding retrieves for fussy panfish that prefer a subtler lure motion

“Fish it rigged on a small jig below a bobber and you’ll clean up on spring panfish. But the Impulse Tadpole isn’t just for spring fishing. Fish of all species hit it all year long—even jigged vertically under the ice”

The Impulse Tadpole is 1.35” in length and comes in eight natural forage colours. They are packaged 10 to a bag, and infused with Impulse Attractant fortified with a baked-in MicroPlanton formula.


Tel: 1 218 751 6723


Web: www.northlandtackle.com

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